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One of a kind

Slothiez were devised with transcendental inspiration. They're packed with just the right ingredients to make anything possible, and by the cosmos's entropy they've landed on this reality. You will absolutely fall in love with this collection.

Sloth Machine

You can currently win $USDT and other prizes in our Psyche game. Use your true Psychic abilities to win in this game! Prizes have already been claimed by some of our members. Slothiez will give you access to the off-chain utility token Lucky fragments. Sloth Machine and Oracle Sloth are discord bots exclusively developed for the Sloth community. Join our Discord to meet them!


Slothiez have an upcoming game that will be available in the Play Store. You can interact with your own NFT in this game, check our whitepaper and be sure to secure your Slothie to try it out!

History on Twitter

Twitter bought and holds an NFT from the creator of Slothiez in a historical sale as one of their first NFT purchases. They also used it as a PFP on Twitter.

Verified Artist Page

You can find our Verified Artist page from GIPHY here, where we share popular GIFS and stickers that are searcheable in most social networks. You can share our stickers through Instagram stories, DMs from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Search #slothiez or #luckysloths.

Premium Smart-Art-Prints

This is one of the items you can acquire with Lucky Fragments, a Premium Smart-Art-Print of one of your Slothiez! Learn more in our Discord! (Video demonstration using a Lucky Sloth) It's compatible with most phones.

Our Mission

Lucky Sloths NFT art lends itself perfectly to become a popular and instantly recognisable global brand that fills people's hearts with cuteness and good vibes. Lucky Sloths are committed to having a positive impact helping Sloths and their habitats. We want to bring awareness to the devastating effect of forest fires, especially around the Amazon Rainforest region where Sloths and other animals are sadly affected. Making a difference on problems of such large scale is of course really challenging, but we are determined to do our part and always advocate for the protection of wildlife and nature. Everyone in the Lucky Sloths community will have the chance be part of this grand effort.

Helping Sloths

One of our goals is to help as many Sloths as possible, to protect wildlife habitat and our planet, which is ultimately in our own best interest as well. Animal rights issues can be considered a high priority, as there are 100+ billion domesticated animals and even more wild animals who receive even less of our moral concern. Only 3% of philanthropic funding in the US is split between the environment and animals, while 97% goes toward helping humans. We are establishing ourselves in the NFT space to have the biggest impact we can. So if you love our cute, meme-able and relatable art, and at the same time want to be part of these important goals, you must find the Lucky Sloth that resonates with you. We also have community-directed initiatives to help sloths based on Lucky Fragments, our off-chain currency through Discord, so definitely join our server to participate!


Lucky Mint will be free + gas (You must be registered with our Discord bot Oracle Sloth). Allowlist Mint will be 0.02 ETH + gas and the Public Mint will be 0.04 ETH + gas.
Slothiez is an ERC-721 NFT, with gas enhancements.
Lucky Mint is only for Lucky Sloth NFT owners (You must be registered with our Discord bot Oracle Sloth). Registered users with Oracle Sloth will also be in the Allowlist. We'll be distributing Allowlist Slots, and details will be disclosed on Twitter and Discord.
We will acknowledge registrations for the Lucky Mint only for an undetermined time period Window, so if you already have a Lucky Sloth, it's better to register sooner than later. That said, for the purpose of Lucky Fragments there are no deadline restrictions.
Definitely. We often use our Discord bot to enable you to take part in one of our community efforts towards helping Sloths.
The allocation to the community wallet and creators is 50%. The royalty settings are set to 5% of which 2.5% will also be allocated on the community spendings for maintenance, helping sloths, and further development.
The Lucky Mint, Allowlist Mint, Public Mint will have a Mint ammount limit of 1, 4 and 12 respectively (Rules and specifics may still be adapted. Also note that you must be registered with our Discord bot Oracle Sloth for the Lucky Mint). Apart from that, as many as you can snatch, but there are only 5400 of them.
Verified Slothiez owners in our Discord can register to be able to gather our off-chain utility currency 'Lucky Fragments' in a gamified manner. You can also have access to the game in the Play Store.



Leader and Artist

Creator of Lucky Sloths NFT and Slothiez

Wants to save Nature


Developer and Animator

Planning and execution

Likes to space travel